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Praktikant im IT-Projektmanagement bei Bosch

Robert Bosch GmbH

The task of the MDAA project assistance is to support the MDAA multi project management and the project management of the associated individual projects in daily business. Essentially, this concerns standardized procedures and organizational tasks. (MDAA stands forMaster Data at AA, AA is one of the big Business areas of Bosch: Automotive Aftermarket)

Support performing project risk management and controlling risks with the individual project teams:
Schedule and execute project risk assessment meetings
Maintain project risk register and risk response list and follow up on agreed risk responses

Support controlling project costs of the individual projects:
Consolidate costs and ensure consistency on a monthly basis
Prepare data for monthly cost reporting

Support managing and controlling project communication on MDAA level:
Collect, consolidate, review, give feedback on presentation for meetings
Distribute meeting documents, upfront

Support managing project team of individual projects:
Support on-boarding and phase out of project team members

Support executing the Project Management Plan in daily business:
Follow up on open action items from Projectmeetings, steering committee meetings (PMM, RC) and other meetings on MDAA level

requirement profile MDAA project assistance.pdf


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