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Project for Standardization of Processes in the Automotive Technology business sector

Robert Bosch GmbH

Business Process Management & Training
Project  for Standardization of  Processes
in the Automotive Technology business sector


What? – Project Content

G40/ PJ-SPK is an international project team located in Stuttgart-Feuerbach. Our mission is to expedite the standardization of processes in the Automotive Technology business sector.


Why? – Project Target

The increasing networking of Bosch operations across divisional and regional boundaries calls for standardizations and creation of preconditions for fast decision making. Our target is to take a global view across all divisions and functions within the Automotive Technology business sector to improve  the performance and to gain competitive advantages.



• Start September 2015
• Duration  12 month


Tasks and Challenges :

• Along with internal partners from India/ Bangalore:
  Support in setting up and improving a Learning platform (WBT) for Processes & IT
• Implement new global Support 2.0 Model for all users of  Processes and IT
  with integration of  Enterprise 2.0 tools
• Support various projects in the area of Business Process Management
• Support in management of large group events with 500 + participants.


Required Skills:

• Studies, Business Information Technology, Economics, Psychology or  Educational Science
• MS Office
• English language skill and ability to communicate with native speakers
• Communicative team player with responsible and independent working style
• Flexibility

Contact us!

Henning Weber (G40/PJ-SPK)

Sieglestr. 33

70469 Stuttgart (Feuerbach)

Phone: +49 (711) 811-3621405

Mobile: 0151 5280 2835

Email: : Henning.Weber@de.bosch.com


Hartmut Müller (G40/PJ-SPK)

Sieglestr. 33

70469 Stuttgart (Feuerbach)

Phone: +49 (711) 811-3622902

Mobil: 0160-90436027

Email: hartmut.mueller3@de.bosch.com

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